Online Registration. Virtual Fall 2020

Please read: It has been a difficult time for everybody. We are trying to accommodate with the changes due to COVID-19. We are going to ask you to please, register your child using our website but make the payment with Zelle, Apple pay, Venmo, check  or any form of payment you want (beside credit card)

We had a rough time with the bank that handled our refunds/credits during the spring 2020. We want to avoid these problems and extra charges mainly because we do not know how this session is going to turn out.  We really hope this is not an inconvenient for you and we appreciate your understanding and patience. If you need a receipt, we will send one after classes start. Don't forget to contact me if you have a credit with us to give you the adjusted amount.

This is all the information you could need from us. Be sure to include your child's name and last name:   

Spanish Now ASP

Address: 1637 Kinsmon Lane. Marietta, Ga 30062
Phone Number: 770-315-9039
Bank Account Number: 6030290917 (if you need it)

Zelle and Apple pay:  use phone number 770-315-9039 

Venmo: information: @Suzanne-Viera-1  

Check made out to: Spanish Now ASP (Mail it or drop it off at: 1637 Kinsmon Lane. Marietta, Ga 30062)                                    




*Registrations cannot be accepted without a parent signature and payment.

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